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Flows of Energy & Resources in Ecosystems. Maximising & Movement of Local Resources

This is how wealth is distributed today in the US, with the US usually being a good indicator of trends, as a 'highly developed' country - which supposedly other countries in 'development' are trying /encouraged to emulate, as the system which ensures this kind of flow of resources is exported all over the globe.

Desigualdad económica en América

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A similar picture is repeated on a world-scale, with the richest countries & the poorest ones.

This modern slavery is kept hidden by our own ignorance of system mechanics: how the economy is designed & why, which is why we mostly feel powerless to change it.  

It isn't as simple as 'greedy people' controlling the system, or even mostly due the design of current fiat money (a popular theory with alternative economists today): many factors interact to keep this system in place & this class will aim to highlight them.

We will also show how ecosystems (the best economic model we have available to date) differ in how they distribute wealth - & without any central organization.